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An archive of our famous daily e-mail offers:

  1. $11.98 Gets You This Incredible 93pt. 2016 Chianti!

    I’d have to think that the Winex award for ‘Bestest Most Ridiculous Value in Chianti over a 20 year period’ would have to go to the Masi family and Fattoria Basciano.
  2. Miss the Kaesler Cab? Here's Another Kaesler Closeout Too Good to Pass Up!

    Well, it looks like you guys found our Kaesler offer from this morning to your liking…So why not ‘double down’ on this delicious Kaesler closeout with another old vine stunner!
  3. 96pt Stunner from Jean-Marc Lafage Is Only $19.98!

    The area around the town of Maury, in the south of France, has multiple sites with old vines planted in the local black schist soils (not unlike the llicorella soils in Priorat to the south). Chateau St. Roch is located near Maury, where superstar vintner/consultant Jean-Marc Lafage grew up and first tended vines. So, when a property there came up for sale, he was quick to snap it up. Jean-Marc makes four different wines from this estate, all dry reds in an area previously known for dessert wines.
  4. Terlano Strikes Again: 95pt Wine Advocate Italian White Stunner In Stock Now!

    Boy, you’d think it’d be tough to make one of Italy’s greatest white wines better but, then again, we are talking about Cantina Terlano, one of the finest wineries on the planet.
  5. Les Hauts de Smith 2018: 100pt Winemaker's Brilliant Bordeaux Rose Is Back!

    What happens when a 100-point Bordeaux chateau makes pink wine? It’s pretty damn good!
  6. The 'Tuscan Ausone' Is Back! 95pts for the New 2015 Argirio

    We’ve told you the story already of Podernuovo a Palazzone, a new wine estate in Southern Tuscany, close to San Casciano dei Bagni, at the border to Lazio and Umbria. The estate expands over 520 acres including Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vines. It is managed full-time by Giovanni Bulgari, the successor to the famed jewelry dynasty. Rumor has it he doesn’t like leaving the grounds very often and is 200% committed to this estate.
  7. Exciting 'New' 94pt 1998 Gran Reserva Re-Release from Bodegas Riojanas

    Classic Rioja wasn’t en vogue with the pundits for a number of years, and with good reason. Many of the wines made in the late 70’s to late 80’s were disappointing. It was a dark time for Rioja, quantity over quality, you know the story.
  8. This Soulful 92pt Old-Vine Red Is a Flat-Out Steal!

    I gotta admit, the ‘new’ Chile is pretty frigging cool. And it’s cool for one particular reason, the same reason why Priorat is cool, or Bierzo is cool, or the Languedoc is cool, it’s essentially re-discovering something that was here the whole time.
  9. Save HUGE: Almost 50% Off This Classic Washington Cabernet!

    Fun to see a delicious bottle of wine at a hot price from an old (new) name. Some of you may remember the Gordon Bros. wines that we’d sold off and on over the years here at the store. Good, honest wines that were a bit ahead of their time in Washington and available at excellent prices for the quality.
  10. Brilliant Best-Ever Old-Vine Arneis from Malvira!

    Today we’re turning back to a property that we just can’t get enough of. We featured two tremendous library Nebbiolo wines from them before and now we’ll take a hard look at what actually put Malvira on the map…Arneis.
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