About Us

About Us

Wine Exchange's roots go deep, back to 1982 in fact. Who knew that founders Steve and Craig Zanotti were going to 'set up shop' the same year that Bordeaux was going to produce some of its finest wines ever?

It was fortuitous. Liquor Exchange, as it was called at the time, quickly established itself in a few short years as one of the country's premier independent fine wine retailers. The Zanotti brothers business acumen, combined with Steve's writing and tasting skills and nose for deals, set them apart from most 'traditional' wine merchants and established a wine program that would place them at the forefront of America's wine retailers.

In 1991, the company changed names from Liquor Exchange to Wine Exchange (which they wanted to be in the first place) and hired Kyle Meyer, who would become an essential cog in the continuing development of the business. Under Steve's tutelage and armed with a (still) voracious appetite for knowledge Kyle tuned his palate and his mind and helped Wine Exchange take it up a notch. During that time, Wine Exchange was one of the first retailers to establish an online presence (winex.com) and the company continued to offer an amazing array of wines at rock-bottom prices.

In 2001 Tristen Beamon 'joined up' at the behest of his friend and drinking buddy, Kyle. Tristen's impact was immediately felt with the establishing of one of the first daily e-mail offering programs in the country as well as a expanding of Winex's legendary Bordeaux futures campaigns.

In 2011, Tris and Kyle left Wine Exchange to form Best Wines and bestwinesonline.com. Using multimedia platforms, including substantial video contributions, the pair quickly established Best Wines as one of the hottest wine retail platforms in the country.

In 2015 the Zanotti's, Tristen and Kyle have all come full circle with the Best Wines Group purchase of Wine Exchange and winex.com. The team, back together again, have now created their idea of the perfect wine sales and education platform including their state-of-the-art website, brand new wine showroom, irreverent but timely daily missives, a healthy social media following with over 500,000 views on their youtube channel, The Extract, a progressive Pre-Arrivals offering system and, of course, those same rock-bottom prices.

Wine Exchange's face has changed but the team has not. Tris and Kyle, with Steve's help, will continue to push the boundaries and provide you with the Best wine-buying experience on the planet.

Thank you,

The WineX Team

* For event, media, and press inquiries, please contact Kyle Meyer -- kyle@winex.com, 714-979-1509.

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