To all Best Winers,

As you may have seen from previous offers, we are occasionally a fan of the ‘bullet point’ as a way of bringing home just what’s so special about a particular offer we send out on a particular day.

But today’s offer is more like one BIG bullet point since there are so many reasons why this bottle of wine is so awesome. Thusly, we’re going to break each bullet point down individually to heighten the ‘fervor’ and stir the pot.

  •         Markus Molitor is one of the hottest reducers in Germany right now

David Schildknecht wrote in his massive Wine Advocate article on Molitor that his 2011’s, “…proved to be the most exciting collection I have yet tasted at this address, and indeed among the most exciting of its vintage anywhere.”

  •        This is AP# 22, Markus’ Top Spätlese of the vintage

What’s an AP number? The number is an indicator of a specific cuvee of a particular wine bottled separately and is found among a group of other numbers on the side of the bottle (photo provided) Molitor makes a number of Spätlese level wines every vintage from a number of sites with varying ages of the vines. In this case, his AP# 22 is produced from the Zeltinger Sonnenuhr, a true Mosel Grand Cru, and reportedly from his 100+ year old vines in that vineyard, which are a bonafide rarity given the number of vineyards that have been replanted over the last 20 years due to the German policy of Flurbereinigung, which is a big, evil nasty word meaning that the vintners had to switch and replant their parcels so that the pieces of each vineyard owned could run contiguous.

  •          How about a big 95 point score?

How about it? Well, that would make this wine the second highest scoring Wine Advocate Spätlese of the vintage, behind only two Spätlese wines from Dönnhoff (which are north of $50, if you can find them!)

  •         Hey, this supposedly has a $38 retail price. Why are you only $29?

That, my friends, is the magic of Best Wines. Almost 25% off one of the top Rieslings of the vintage is just another day at the office here...

  •          “Yeah, but can it age?”
Schildknecht, one of the world’s top authorities on German wines says to, “Look for this amazing performance and terrific value to remain undimmed for at least two decades.” Is 20 years long enough for ya’?
  •         Only 10 cases available. You know what you have to do…


Kyle Meyer and Tristen Beamon, Proprietors,


Markus Molitor Riesling Spatlese Zeltinger Sonnenuhr AP#22 2011

95 points! Molitor’s 2011 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese A.P. #22 – which originates in allegedly centenarian vines, and like its Kabinett counterpart is regularly part of the U.S. Molitor offering – combines cinnamon- and nutmeg-tinged apple and quince at the border between extreme ripeness and confiture with liquid lily and gardenia perfume, all informing a palate performance whose alliance of creaminess and honeyed richness with...