Winex Launches New Sale Site!

Wine Exchange is excited to announce to you, our amazing friends and customers, that we are launching a brand new website dedicated to offering even more incredible wine deals! Don’t worry, our daily offers from Winex aren’t going to disappear. In fact we are launching this new brand as an outlet for all of the amazing offers that we just don’t have the means to send you the traditional Winex way.

As loyal customers of Wine Exchange we’re giving you the opportunity to get a sneak preview of how our new site will work and to sign up to be among the first to take advantage of the deals once the site goes live in a few short weeks. Think of it as an exciting new flash deal site with a few other fun bells and whistles. You’re going to see some of the best deals that the buying team at Wine Exchange has ever come across, but you’ll have to be fast. Check out the look of the new site below and sign up at the bottom of the page to be on the email list for sale notifications. As an extra incentive we’ll send you 20% off your first order!




  1. The new specials site is very welcome to the retired on fixed income, like myself, or for that matter anyone with limited income who appreciates good wine at great prices. I have been a winex customer since your move to your previous location, from what I think was your original location, so many years ago I do not remember exactly when. This new service will provide me an opportunity to have a “wine cellar” with expanded choices of decent wine beyond the limited about of wine I now purchase.

    With appreciation,

  2. Looking forward to the launch. Still miss the wine tasting/education program.

  3. How do you get the 20% off and off what?

    • Wine Exchange

      Hey Patrick,

      The site hasn’t launched yet (it will next month). Once it does you’ll get an official welcome email with a 20% off coupon code to use on any purchase. The concept of the site is that we will offer one deal or one wine at a time. You can choose to use it on our first deal once we’ve launched or save it for a future purchase. Thanks!

  4. A Wine Exchanger since 1985. Never been disappointed….so thank you for keeping connected with your community!

  5. Robert Owen

    Lots of luck with this site. Always looking for a “deal”…like most people these days.
    Can’t wait to see this new site.

  6. Alan Weinberg

    Bring it on, boys, especially Burgundy. Let’s see what you can do.


    Been with you many years since Andrew Fairley (Turtle Island) introduced us in LA. Looking forward to the new site experience. Hope to see some really great wines and prices!

  8. Hopeful in PA

    Any chance the new site might be set up to allow shipping into states where you currently haven’t been able to work this out?

    • Wine Exchange

      We’re doing our homework and the winds do feel like they are changing in some states, but at the end of the day we are still pawn to the individual state restrictions (unfortunately). PA is a tough nut to crack. In the interim, be sure to tell all your wine drinking friends to write your congress-person. Tell them you need more options than the Erie, PA Concord Cuvee 😉

  9. Michael Brown

    Great news. Can’t wait to see the new offerings.

  10. Mary Jo Carpenter

    As wine distributors around southern California go, Wine Exchange has been the most consistent in “walking their talk” when it comes to wine recommendations that truly are both enjoyable and affordable. Thank you!

  11. Great to see that you’re stepping up and innovating. Great idea to offer a lower price after achieving the sales target. I’ll bet Wine Library takes notice. As long as you select great wines and offer great prices (like I know you will) you’re gonna sell boatloads of wine on this site. Can’t wait!

  12. I’m assuming this is for value wines, yes? Not high end stuff. Thanks always for a great job. Wish we had the ability to taste, compare, gather, discuss, like at the old store.

    • Wine Exchange

      Hi John, well ultimately it depends on how you define both “value” and “high-end”. It is our intention to bring “value” based offers on fine wine… period. This means that we will have discounted offers on wines that some would traditionally describe as “high-end” and we will have discounted offers on wines that some would traditionally describe as “value” or “everyday drinkers”. It will become clearer once we start but suffice it to say that it will run the full spectrum AND no matter what it is, it will have to pass our scrutinizing palates. We will stand behind every bottle we sell and will NEVER offer anything that we wouldn’t buy for our regular Wine Exchange customers.

      Regarding the old store: You’ll be pleased to know we are working very hard to replicate the community aspect that we lost when we moved. The tasting license was hard to move to our new building but we’re working on alternatives!


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