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  1. Brilliant Best-Ever Old-Vine Arneis from Malvira!

    Today we’re turning back to a property that we just can’t get enough of. We featured two tremendous library Nebbiolo wines from them before and now we’ll take a hard look at what actually put Malvira on the map…Arneis.
  2. Esprit de Pavie Is Back: New 2014 from the 100pt. Team at Ch. Pavie, Only $19.98!

    For those of you going through Esprit de Pavie withdrawal…fresh off the boat is Gerard Perse’s beautifully made 2014 and it’s a stunner once again!
  3. Best. Solanera. Ever...and at a Remarkable Price!

    We never stop looking out for the rare, amazing deal. These can come at any time, from anywhere, and we have turned more than our share of these kinds of opportunities over the years. But, frankly, given what is currently available in the marketplace, something has to be pretty spectacular to get our attention. This one is.
  4. End of Vintage Too Low To Show Deal on This 93pt Oregon Pinot Star!

    Oregon is ‘blowing up’ right now, and there’s a whole next generation setting up shop that’s adding some serious fuel to the fire. But no Oregon label may have more going for it than Maison L’Envoyé.
  5. Rhone Ranger Alert: Highest-Scoring Mourvedre in America In Stock Now!

    Mourvedre is a pain in the rear. We see it first-hand even in our own little vineyard out in front of the store. It’s one of the last to do everything, leaves, flowering, fruit set, ripening. You almost think something is wrong with it every year it's so far behind the Grenache and Syrah. Because its late it is also one of the last to be picked, with a greater chance of being impacted by late weather at harvest. Then there’s the picking window. Pick it too early it’s green and uber-foresty, pick it too late and the flavors go flabby and porty…and tannic. In short, why do it?
  6. Huge Spectator Score for This Best-Ever Torbreck Woodcutter's!

    To all Wine Exchangers, Torbreck’s come a long way since the ‘early days’ in the mid-90’s of founder Dave Powell rummaging through old, decrepit Barossa Shiraz vineyards, nursing them back to health, then striking deals with the growers to use the fruit if he kept farming it. That policy served Dave well as that fruit helped Torbreck become one of...
  7. It's Back! The Instant Sell-Out $65 Vinsacro Rioja Is Still Only $19.98!

    To all Wine Exchangers, Yes, we managed to score another cache of one of our fastest-selling Rioja deals ever.  And, since our last report, the wine has picked up not one, but two 93-point scores!  If you weren't convinced of this terrific modern spin on Rioja the first time there's no way to avoid this stunner now...   We have...
  8. 98+ Wine Advocate Points for Felsina's Glorious 2016 Fontalloro!

    To all Wine Exchangers, “My visit to Fèlsina was one of the many highlights of my most recent trip to Chianti Classico. I tasted a wide range of wines with Giuseppe Mazzocolin and Giovanni Poggiali. Even after a long day, it was frankly hard to leave the tasting room. The wines were every bit that compelling. The estate's 2016s and...
  9. Wow, a Great Deal on Vega Sicilia's 92pt Neighbor, Now Only $11.98!

    To all Wine Exchangers, Certainly, many of you are familiar with the Finca Villacreces Ribera del Duero Pruno, the second wine of Finca Villacreces and one of the best deals from one of the best parts of the Ribera del Duero.  Given that, we’ll tell the background story as succinctly as we can and promise that, in a series that...
  10. Catch This 94pt 2015 Pomerol Bargain Before It's Gone, Only $26.98!

    To all Wine Exchangers, Pomerol, home to some of the world’s greatest wines such as Petrus, Lafleur, Le Pin, Vieux Chateau Certain, La Conseillante and so on…But with all the great names just mentioned, and for that matter not mentioned (as there are many more), there are still a few secrets hidden within the borders of this tiny appellation and...

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