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To all Wine Exchangers,
You normally wouldn’t think of the Languedoc as a hotbed for some seriously delicious, crisp white wine, right?

I mean, the picture one gets of the Languedoc is this hot ‘breadbasket’ type place that spins out oodles of tasty, high-octane Syrah, Grenache and Carignane that feeds the thirsty masses looking for a deal.

And that, my friends, is correct.

But the Languedoc is also home to a number of micro-climates, smaller areas that are impacted by elevation, wind, water, proximity to the coast, what have you, and these areas can produce something altogether different.

Ladies and Gents, meet Picpoul.

I think this is our first offer ever of a Picpoul, though the wine has been a standard on our shelves for over a decade.  Most of our customers had no idea what a Picpoul was or where it was from, they just knew it was cheap, got a score and we wholeheartedly endorsed them. Yay, wine merchants!

But today I thought I’d share the real ‘411’ of Picpoul and give everyone a condensed primer on what makes this wine so good, while at the same time introducing you to what may be the greatest Picpoul of all time.

Picpoul is one of the ‘Rhone’ grapes, like Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, etc. but it is like none of them.  It usually makes a crystal-clear wine, with green highlights, though can be more golden from older vines, with delicate floral aromas and pleasant hints of acacia and hawthorn blossom mixed in with, in this case, a fine salinity due to its growing locale.
It’s known for neutralizing the salty, iodine-y characters in shellfish and other crustaceans, and is surprisingly good with rich cheese and charcuterie.  It’s also a notoriously easy sipper and you can drink a ton of it if you’re not careful…trust me.

Picpoul reaches its zenith south of the city of Montpelier near the Thau Lagoon, where it has thrived for centuries.  The weather pattern here is typically Mediterranean with low rainfall and moderate winters. Summers are dry.  The maritime influence is influential in that it limits strong temperature variations, the sea breezes limit high daytime temperatures and the water in the lagoon protects the land from steep night-time temperature falls.

The producer for today’s offer, SO Vignerons, is a small “negoce” company founded by Daniel Orsolini and Claude Serra in 2005.

The Philosophy behind SO Vignerons is to produce high quality, modern style Languedoc wines at very affordable prices. This has been made possible by the long-term contracts they have signed with their growers and having Claude (professor at the Montpellier University of Oenology and ‘hired gun’) as the winemaker/consultant to all their growers.

Lucky for the SO team, this wine is as easy as it gets, find Picpoul from mature vines, ferment it in stainless steel tanks and voila! Instant 95-point wine that sells for $11.

What? Excuse me? 95 points and $11? Yup, the gang at Decanter Magazine says so, including Master of Wine Justin Howard-Sneyd and famed wine critic/author Andrew Jefford.

They write:

Andrew Jefford: Steel-green; just off water-white. A sweeter, shellier aroma than many, fresh and marine: very attractive. Clean, lively, mouthwatering, lean and long: classic Picpoul in very good shape.

Justin Howard-Sneyd MW: Some class here. Slightly green-edged, but with precision and delicacy. Nice fresh acidity lifted by a hint of pith.

Marcel Orford-Williams: Super fruit. Still bags of life. A stunning example of Picpoul de Pinet.

Together, the team that tasted this wine blind came up with a combined score of 95 points for this remarkable not-so-little Picpoul…amazing!

This is gonna fly, case sales will be the norm…I encourage a ‘quick click’…Happy Hunting…
Villa Des Croix Picpoul de Pinet 2017
95 Points! Steel-green; just off water-white. A sweeter, shellier aroma than many, fresh and marine: very attractive. Clean, lively, mouthwatering, lean and long: classic Picpoul in very good shape. - Decanter Magazine
ONLY $10.98
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