To all Best Winers,

Marsannay, you've been so good to me. Every time I get the “I can’t afford real Burgundy” blues you come along and reassure me that, yes, I can drink great Burgundy at a reasonable price and, yes, everything’s going to be alright.
Marsannay. Not a household name. Yet. But for lovers of the Pinot Noir wines produced in the Burgundy region of France who are not independently wealthy, Marsannay is a Godsend. It is essentially the starting line of the Burgundy region. As you get your rental car at the train station in Dijon and start to head south out of town it is the first set of signs you see welcoming you to this very exclusive Pinot Noir club.
We always wondered why there wasn’t a Cru Classification system in place in Marsannay like most other spots in Burgundy, where you have ‘Villages’ level wines, followed by the ‘Premiers Crus’ then, at the top of the Burgundy food chain, the pricey, ultra-limited ‘Grands Crus’. The vineyards look pretty similar to their neighbors next door in Fixin, which does have a couple Premier Cru vineyards. So what gives?
We can only assume it comes down to a time when things were a bit cooler (literally) and Marsannay was known to occasionally struggle ripening its Pinot Noir grapes which, as an aside, is perhaps why the area is known for the quality of its Rosé wines!
Nowadays though, with older vines, better grape growing, and better winemaking, there is no way in heck this area should not have its share of Cru wines as they typically now represent some of the finest values in Burgundy. Then again, if they aren’t Premier Cru, maybe we’ll be able to reap the benefits of their ‘lowly’ Villages status when it comes to the wine’s pricing.
Which is pretty much the case with these wines from Joseph Roty. Just like the other Marsannay maestro, Charles Audoin, Joseph and Philippe Roty are blessed with some seriously old vines in a number of the area’s finest plots.  These 80+ year old vines continually pump out world-class Pinot fruit year after year, for which Roty has to begrudgingly charge what they charge due to location, location, location, and in spite of some serious praise from the Burghound, Allen Meadows.
We have bits and pieces of three of Roty’s Marsannay offerings that we are showing off today. Just a few cases in total (after all, this is Burgundy we’re talking about) but we felt compelled to share them, along with the aforementioned Audoin name drop, simply because these are the wines that we are focusing on as lovers of great Burgundy, at least until we win the lottery or leave the wine biz and pursue a career in neurosurgery, both likely not to happen, though Tris is pretty solid with a steak knife…
You need these because:
  • Limited production Pinot Noir gems from one of the Burgundy masters
  • 80+ year old vines!
  • Huge Burghound scores considering the price
  • Only a few cases of each so buy them before your friends do…
  • Age them a decade and watch the sparks fly.

Kyle Meyer and Tristen Beamon, Proprietors,


Joseph Roty Marsannay Les Ouzeloy 2010

80+ Year old vines! Here the wood treatment is more discreet if not invisible as it outlines the otherwise ripe, pure and fresh aromas of red cherry liqueur and wet stone nuances. There is good volume to the very rich and concentrated flavors that possess plenty of extract that coats the mouth on the vibrant and persistent finish. The influence of old vines is quite evident in 2010. Worth considering. Note that initially there was a mild trace of reduction but I was able to come back to the bottle and it had dissipated; still I would advise decanting this if possible. -Allen Meadows, Burghound #49



Joseph Roty Marsannay Cuvee de Boivin 2010

90 points Burghound! Again moderate oak surrounds bright and fresh red pinot fruit liqueur aromas that merge seamlessly into dense and serious medium weight flavors that culminate in a dusty, complex, balanced and long finish. This doesn't have the same sappy mouth feel of the Ouzeloy but there is more overall depth here. Outstanding. -Allen Meadows, Burghound #49



Joseph Roty Marsannay Cuvee de Clos de Jeu 2010

91 points Burghound! From 80 year old vines.As it usually is, this is the best of the Roty Marsannay range with a wonderfully complex black cherry, cassis and earth-inflected nose that is trimmed in discreet application of oak. There is outstanding richness and volume to the delicious and palate coating medium-bodied flavors that are also blessed with excellent reserves of old vine dry extract on the intense, balanced and impressively persistent finish. This should age well but drink well young too. Recommended for those who are not oak-averse as this is really very good. Outstanding. -Allen Meadows, Burghound #49