To all Best Winers,

Castello di Ama was one of the first estates I had the pleasure of visiting in Chianti Classico. I remember pulling up to the winery and being warmly greeted by proprietress Lorenza Sebasti Pallanti, surrounded by the pitter patter of children’s footsteps.  Lots of smiling, running, just an all-around good vibe.  Dinner that night was simple, some Latini pasta, lightly sauced, all the better to not get in the way of the ridiculous Italian wine experience that accompanied it. The wines were magnificent, and I’ve been smitten by Lorenza and her winery ever since.

The winery’s single vineyard Chianti Classico wines are considered the finest of the region. They are priced accordingly, retailing for north of $150 per bottle, making them the priciest wines of the region. A difficult sell, but no one complains about the price/quality ratio. Every person I know that’s experienced them knows the ‘wine is in the bottle’.

When I heard the winery was not going to produce their single vineyard wines in the, to me, excellent 2009 vintage, I was a little taken aback. Why? I still don’t have a completely clear answer but I believe it had something to with the actual quantity of wine produced as opposed to the quality. There simply wasn’t enough juice produced to allow the winery to separate out the single vineyard offerings without completely depleting the winery’s core Riserva bottling.

What to do? Well if you’re Castello di Ama you decide to include both of your legendary $150+ single vineyard wines (Bellavista and Casuccia) into the regular Riserva bottling. Castello di Ama already had one of the best ‘regular’ Riserva bottlings in Chianti, but now they go and do something like this? Kudos to Lorenza and Marco for making such a tough decision and giving us a wine of such unparalleled quality for the price! Though we should say it seems a bit unfair to their competition.

In your glass, should you choose to buy a few bottles (cases?) of this rock star, you will find one of the top Chianti Classico wines of the vintage, a ‘traditionally modern’ spin on the genre, oozing Sangiovese goodness, bright yet deep, tangy yet velvety, tannic yet embracing, it is what great Chianti is all about. We’re positively giddy just to have the chance to sell you some…

Like we stated earlier, the winery did not produce much in 2009 so quantities are tight. Second, the wine did not escape the watchful palate of Antonio Galloni, who noted this wine was, “striking…fleshy…generous”, and of course gave it the typical 90-something point score.  Which is great validation, but this wine is about so much more than the score.  This is about a great estate, making a tough call and, for once, helping out the customer. Love it…

Kyle Meyer and Tristen Beamon, Proprietors,

Lorenza & Marco



Castello Di Ama Chianti Classico Riserva 2009

92 points! The 2009 Chianti Classico Riserva Castello di Ama is striking. Dark red cherries, flowers, mint, licorice and spices caress the palate in this fleshy, generous Chianti Classico. The radiance of the fruit is suggestive of a warm year, but the tannic profile, medium body and overall structure is more similar to that of a colder vintage. In 2009 Ama did not bottle their single vineyard selections; all of the best fruit went into the Castello di Ama bottling.- Antonio Galloni, Wine Advocate #201