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  1. The King of Collio Does It Again! High Scoring Stunners from Schiopetto

    They’ve done it again. Ho hum, another year, another incredible line-up of finely priced wines from one of Italy’s white wine stars.
  2. More Bargain Chateauneuf Madness from Maison La Berthaude!

    As we mentioned in our earlier offering of the Maison Berthaude Chateauneuf ‘Tradition’ 2017 (one of the best Chateauneuf values we have introduced this year) this is not your typical story. Sure you’ve got old vines and vintners that have been on the land for generations. More importantly, you’ve got delicious efforts from exceptional vintages at prices well below market, and thus a happy ending to the tale. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent (and the importers of the domaine’s ‘real’ label).
  3. Napa's Legendary Dr. Crane Cabernet at a Remarkable Price!

    The story of Salvestrin is your classic Napa Valley tale. In 1932 Italian immigrants John and Emma Salvestrin settled in the Napa Valley and purchased an old estate along St. Helena Highway. Their farmhouse was originally built in 1860, by Dr. George Belden Crane (1806-1898) one of the first wine pioneers in Napa.
  4. A Brilliant 95-96pt Line-Up from Oregon's Pinot King, Cristom!

    The Cristom boys are at it again. Three guys, together since 1992, honing their skills and crafting some of the finest Pinot Noir in North America. Three guys that have learned together, grown together and watched their vineyards and winemaking mature into something exceptional. Truly exceptional.
  5. Jumilla's Hot: 'Simply Unbelievable' Trio from Casa Castillo!

    Ah, a tradition unlike any other. I don’t know what it is about Casa Castillo, but we always seem to offer their wines in trios, and today is no exception!
  6. Prodigious 98pt La Rioja Alta 904 2010 In Stock Now!

    Cue trumpets! This wine is a BIG deal. I mean, like, HUGE deal. It’s not often we see a winery that is already at the forefront of premium value on the planet delivering to us a literal vintage of the century for a wine already unmatched for price/quality (except for their neighbors in Rioja) when it comes to complexity, bottle age and cellaring potential.
  7. The 100pt 2016 Figeac Is Here and It's SPECTACULAR!

    One of the objectives here at the Exchange is to advise our clients to the best of our ability which wines are good investments. While we’re not licensed by the SEC (all joking aside) we have over the many years provided our clients Bordeaux wines that are and will be good investments down the road. But wine is also a beverage that should be enjoyed and whether you look at it as an investment or just to drink, it’s good to know the juice you just bought has the potential to go up in price. So on that note, today’s unique offer provides both.
  8. 'Brilliant' Coche-Killer Bourgogne Deal from Ballot-Millot!

    “I was very impressed by the quality of what I found here and the Bourgogne is a knockout for its level.” – Allen Meadows, Burghound Pierre-Yves Colin, Thierry Pillot, Thomas Pico, Arnaud Ente, all of these vignerons weren’t ‘known’ until they were. For all these guys, there was a point in time where they were making wines of superior quality, but price and recognition had not caught up to them.
  9. 99pt Cervaro 2017, Suckling's Highest-Scoring Italian White Ever!

    Back in March we told you the story of Antinori’s iconic white wine, Cervaro. Antinori’s Cervaro della Sala is, year after year, one of Italy’s greatest, high-profile white wines.
  10. The 'Petrus of Francs' Is Back: 94pt Best-Ever 2016 Marsau Only $19.98!

    While most of the great terroirs of Bordeaux are located in the prestigious regions that most of us are familiar with (Pauillac, Pomerol, etc), there are other great micro-areas of exceptional terroir that exist outside those famous appellations. Problem is, most of these extraordinary vineyards are owned by small growers. And while they may be good viticulturists, many don't know how to deal with their grapes nor can afford the kind of cellar you need to make the style of wine people ultimately want.

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