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Satisfied Customers Who Enjoy Great Wine at Great Prices

Jeff Ames, Napa, CA:

"Just wanted to say thanks. Recently I bought about 7 or 8 cases of '01 German Riesling, Clarendon Hills on Pre-arrival and some Brewer Clifton wines as well. I buy a lot of wines and am the asst winemaker for about 7 different labels here in Napa so I deal with wine for a living. I have had a lot of bad experiences (bad or lack of communication is my main complaint) with other retailers. On the other hand from you I have gotten nothing but prompt replies, shipment arrivals with wines always in perfect shape, tracking numbers, great prices... Just wanted to say that you are doing a top notch job and it is not going un-noticed or unappreciated".

Lynch, Redmond, WA:

"Long time customer, always use your wonderful newsletter, thought I would take a look at the electonic format for once (welcome to the future!). Keep up the good work, I owe the quality of my cellar to your service, I have built it with wine exclusively from WE."

Charles, Snohomish, WA:

Good wines are a rarety. You seem to have many of them.

Mike, sheboygan,WI:

"great deals,great finds,great wine"

Joel, San Diego, CA:

"Recommended by a friend. I´ve bought your wines in person, from your catalog but not yet over the net. Love the store, the catalog and the selection!"

Michael, Westminster, CO:

"I knew when I finally got to your WEB site it´d be every bit as enjoyable as the newsletter. Keep up the great work!"

Wendy, San Francisco,CA:

"Great Selection! Keep it up."

Pier, Rome Italy:

"It's nice to discover Josko Gravner's Chardonnay '92 in your selection. I quite agree with you: spectacular wines...."

Johnny,New York, NY:

"Your website is a wonderful source of information on wines."

Blaine & Lori, Jewell, Iowa:

"What fun! Have purchased wines based on your reviews and found the reviews to be quite accurate. Looking forward to taking the California Tasting Trip in 1998."

Timothy, Columbia Station, OH:

"Love your wine, love your catalog, love your website, Keep Up The Good Work!"

Kurt, Berlin, MD:

"Sure am glad to find you."

Luis, San Francisco. CA:

"Very organized Web Page, Informative, will order soon."

Jim, Ketchikan, AK:

"great site, sign me up for the newsletter."

Tom, Columbus, GA, USA:

"I'm on your list of happy customers"

John, El Paso, TX:

"I already receive the Stock Report. I look forward to getting it each month. The Wine Exchange is the BEST by far of the various providers I've tried over the years."

Robert, Dubuque, Iowa:

"A friend of mine just turned me on to your site. Looks good...great prices too."

Dave, Kansas City, MO:

"I´d appreciate being entered on your mailing list! You always do a really great job!"

Stephanie, Seattle, WA:

"Glad I found you....great prices. Please add me to your mailing list. I plan to be in So Cal soon....anxious to visit your store!"

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