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Welcome to Wine Exchange Online.

You may search through our extensive wine catalog using our advanced Wine Search Engine.

To search by keyword, simply type in your request in the field above. For a narrower search, use our advanced search engine. With our advanced search engine, you can search by name, vintage, varietal (Cabernet, Chardonnay, etc.), region (country, village, vineyard, etc.) various price ranges, and score. We've included some sample searches below as reference. We hope this makes your surfing for wine an easy one.

Example 1
To use advanced search to view our current offerings and availability of 2000 Bordeaux, fill/select the following fields:

  • Vintage: 2000
  • Region: France
  • 2nd region field: Bordeaux
  • Then click the "Submit" button.

The results page will display next. (You can view the number of results the page displays by selecting from the drop down View 10, 20, 40, 80, 100 or ALL). You can also sort how the results display by clicking on the top of a column title (for example, clicking on the 'Price' title will sort the results based on price)

Example 2
To search our current offerings and availability of 2001 German wines, fill/select the following fields:

  • Vintage: 2001
  • Region: Germany
  • Then click "Submit" button and view results.

If you wanted to do the same search for 2001 German Gewurztraminer, you would also click on Varietal and make that selection before clicking "Submit"

Example 3
To search for Cabernet Sauvignon, fill/select the following field:

  • Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Then click "Submit" button and view results

This search will return over 300 results and you may wish to view the results differently. Simply click on the column head to sort the results as you wish to see them displayed. For example, clicking on "Vintage" sorts by year, and clicking on "Vintage" again reverses the order of the display.

**Note: You may only click on one column header to change display sort. Clicking on a second column header will change the display to sort by that column, and will not add to your earlier sorting preference (i.e. sorting by Vintage will list by year. If you next sort by Price, the results will be sorted by price, and year sort will not be maintained)

If you have difficulty You can perform too narrow a search, in which case you will have no results returned. If you select several fields/selections, we may be out of stock and the item will not display. There could also be a misspelling that complicates the results. If this happens simply perform the search again with fewer selections.

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