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In order for us to stage the best possible event at the best price, we have a few rules. . .advance reservations are strongly suggested/ no perfume or cologne please/ prices quoted are for advance reservations/ prices may vary on the day of the event/ it's always a good idea to call to be sure there is space. 'sharing' tastes/tickets, only one person admitted to designated tasting area per ticket, sales tax will be added, ending times are firm, cancellations must be 48hr in advance, "no shows" are not entitled to refunds as we view reservations like tickets to a show or sporting event.

Legend: (G)= 'Grande Format' Event of 17-20 Wines, (M)='Mezzo' Event of 12-16 Wines, (S)='Small' Event of 1-12 Wines


Saturday, July 26

While things are definitely less dramatic in some parts of the wine world, all is well in Deutschland (except for the accountants since the quantities are far below normal).  While we can never commit to a lineup until gametime (you never know what might show up), the possibilities are pretty exciting no matter what happens.  There may be some of the first 2013s (a vintage rumored to be excellent), or we may look at a few more 2012s (a vintage that has already been touted as excellent).  A trocken here, a rosé there, here a Pinot, there a Grüner, clearly there are plenty of ways to go to present an exciting group of wines (we are going to touch on Austria as well since the appropriate nibbles menu is virtually the same). Sehr gut. $24

CABERNET & FRIENDS featuring Silver Oak Alex (G) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, August 02
Summer in the city, and that means barbecue and, around here, Cabernet.  We’ll use the excuse of the release of the Silver Oak Cabernet Alexander to parade out a well thought out selection of Cabernets and friends (Merlot, Franc, blends) for your evaluation.  Early 2012s, late 2010s, select 2011s, representation from ‘the great Northwest’, considering we haven’t done a Cabernet event in a while there will be plenty of ground to cover, most likely more than we can do in one event.  $39

ESPAÑA (G) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, August 09
Even if there was nothing going on in Spain, we would still find a reason to do this tasting because it’s just plain fun and we are huge fans of the wines.  They say wine is about passion, and we are there, but España is one subject we are particularly passionate about. Yeah, we like tapas, too, but the diversity is what is really engaging, everywhere from young sherries to crisp whites to old Riojas.  We’re going assembler another mix of varied things with the idea of making it (shudder) educational as well as showing a bunch of cool wines.  No place delivers more for the dinero so the more you know about these the better.  $25

OVER '90'/UNDER $30 (G) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, August 16
The name pretty much says it all.  A wine a rating of 90 or more and priced up to $29.99 is fair game and we’ll have at least a dozen and a half for your consideration. Scores/Ratings are still driving forces in the wine industry and though we don’t generally buy products based solely on a particular critic, it’s always fun to scour the stacks and shelves for the wines that have been vetted by our buyers that happen to have reviews.  We aren’t ones to just blurt out a score without attaching it to a reviewer and we’re picky about the entities we quote.   Wine Spectator, Wine Advocate (Robert Parker), International Wine Cellar, Burghound and spinoffs like James Suckling (Spectator, now and Antonio Galloni (Advocate, now Vinous) A  customer favorites. $19


Saturday, August 23
Summer does call for a rather different beverage mix and somthing chilled and fizzy is quite refreshing.  Some folks like it fizzy all year round.   Now most of you are familiar with the high visibility, ubiquitous brands of Champagne and sparkling wine out there.  But there are a number of options, in a variety of price ranges, that you may not be familiar with.  ‘All that bubbles’ is about that, and Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, Moscato, or anything else that fizzes is fair game here.  We’ll cover a wide range of bubblies from grower Champagnes to Clai sparklers to Bugey Cerdon.  Come to find some new options, or just to enjoy some chilled fizz on a warm day. $19

DEALER'S CHOICE (M) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, August 30
It’s another long weekend and a fine time for us to stretch our legs in the tasting arena.  The agenda here is precisely the absence of one, giving us a completely blank slate to touch on a variety of things that are really interesting, but in many cases would not have the draw on their own to populate a complete tasting.  Those can sometimes be the most rewarding discoveries of all.  It will be educational at the very least.  $12

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