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In order for us to stage the best possible event at the best price, we have a few rules. . .advance reservations are strongly suggested/ no perfume or cologne please/ prices quoted are for advance reservations/ prices may vary on the day of the event/ it's always a good idea to call to be sure there is space. 'sharing' tastes/tickets, only one person admitted to designated tasting area per ticket, sales tax will be added, ending times are firm, cancellations must be 48hr in advance, "no shows" are not entitled to refunds as we view reservations like tickets to a show or sporting event.

Legend: (G)= 'Grande Format' Event of 17-20 Wines, (M)='Mezzo' Event of 12-16 Wines, (S)='Small' Event of 1-12 Wines

BORDEAUX: A LOOK BACK (M) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, April 26
We've already had several tastings focused on the 2008, 2009 and 2010 vintages yet a quick stroll down the Bordeaux aisle reveals that we have a lot of wine to sell and not just from those years. This tasting will provide the opportunity to revisit and evaluate some 7's, 6's, 5's and even some 4's, if they're available. We will add some ‘affordable' options from more recent years, maybe a Sauternes or two, throw in some fromage and other nibbles and voilà's a show. $29.00


Saturday, May 03
Features Presentation used to be part of our midweek tasting staple but at the beginning of this year, with the our Stock Report in flux, we decided to focus on Saturday tastings and leave the weekdays open for our wines on tap and for the occasional vendor. For those of you that aren't familiar, this tasting will feature wines from the May edition of the Stock Report and though we no longer send out print versions, it is still available every month on our website and via email. Basically, you get to sample fifteen or so reds and whites from anywhere and everywhere, that have been hand picked and written about by Wine Exchange's intrepid buyers. For the modest price of $10.00, this will surely be one of the best Saturday tasting deals in the OC.


Saturday, May 10
First let’s define our terms.  By South America we pretty much mean Argentina and Chile, though it is not inconcevable an Tannat from Uruguay could find its way in.  We’ll try and highlight as broad an array of wines as we can for educational purposes.  But our core purposes are two-fold.  We want to examine Cabernet and Bordeaux blend options in light of the current shortages on the domestic front.  And we want to Malbec, which in this case we are using as a verb.  The market has become much more sophisticated and diverse over the last few years and we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the variety of styles.  All Malbecs are not created equal nor are they intended to be.  Here’s an opportunity to explore that a little.  $19

BURGUNDY UPDATE (M) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, May 17
Burgundy world continues to turn though at this point from a lot wider range of perspectives.  With the whites, depending on arrivals, we could touch on anything from fresh new 2012s to a developed 2008.  The reds will center on the latest 2011s, but we have had a few late breaking 2010s and even a 2009 or two pop up.  It’s about getting our bearings as we head into the leaner times ahead from some very low-production vintages.  Mostly, though, we are always looking for a reason to open some Burgundies in the name of research. $34


Saturday, May 24

TUSCANY TODAY (M) 12:00-5:00

Saturday, May 31
Things have been pretty interesting in this part of the world for quite some time now and it doesn’t look like it is going to taper off in the near future.  The 2010 vintage has been kind to Chiantis and Super Tuscans and there are all kind of bits of this and that from Brunello, Maremma and such to fill in the blancs.  The fare will be a little higher than normal, but we want to freedom to present things like the outstanding 2010 Aninori Guado al Tasso, 2010 Luce (JS 98) and 2010 Gaja Magari, and the first releases from one of the most talked about new Brunello projects in years, La Fiorita (2008 Laurus, 2007 Brunello and 2006 Brunello Reserva).  We have a serious afternoon planned. $34

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